Nora Benardou

Product Management Lead - ERGO Insurance

Nora Benardou is Product Management Lead for General Insurance at ERGO Insurance, one of the largest insurance organizations in Europe.

She has been in the insurance industry since 2012, having worked in different positions such as Customer Service, Product and Process Design and Process optimization.

She holds a Master's degree in Business Analytics from the Athens University of Economics and Business Administration, and has also specialized in Design Thinking & Creativity at INSEAD Business School.

Her personal goal, and that of the ERGO team, is to create holistic insurance solutions that can cover people's modern needs with simple and easy procedures.

Through her speech she comes to focus on 3 pillars:

  1. Value of insurance for property
  2. Value of Property Value of Property
  3. A short description on how we at ERGO manage to provide a comprehensive solution for this.

14:50 - 15:10

Saturday 10th of February

The value of insurance

Nora Benardou

Product Management Lead - ERGO Insurance