Dimitris Kontopidis

CoFounder - Greece no Limits

Dimitris Kontopidis, has a degree in architecture and a postgraduate degree in specialization in social entrepreneurship and management of health management.

He is a social entrepreneur with a wealth of experience and award-winning innovative projects based on codesign principles with vulnerable groups.

With 12 years of involvement in empowering patients and people with disabilities - founder of the disability empowerment network "Humane", patient advocate in international organizations and committees of the Ministry of Health has a vision of creation of accessible and inclusive destinations for vulnerable travellers, the "no limits travellers".

In Greece no Limits, with partners architects and experts in various developing the "golden guide" of accommodation with filters accessibility filters and 3D navigation. At the same time they support owners accommodation owners with advice on the necessary inclusive accommodation modifications.

The application of UX Design, minimal aesthetics and proper categorization of the needs of "no limits travelers" in combination with the appropriate information can enhance the value of inclusive travel accommodation.

Their implementation can attract dedicated travellers from Greece and abroad, expanding the tourist and creating new destinations with social impact and interconnection with local communities.