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Introducing Flataway: A travel agency for the remote generation

In an era where digital nomadism, remote work, and flexible corporate travel are on the rise, there’s a growing need for accommodations that reflect this lifestyle. Enter Flataway, a fast growing online travel agency launched in early 2023 that aims to bridge the gap between dynamic living requirements and quality accommodations.

Flataway is not your conventional rental platform. Designed to meet the unique needs of digital nomads, remote workers, and corporates, Flataway offers a seamless, stress-free living experience across an expanding number of European locations. Next up on the startup’s expansion list is Greece – a preferred destination for the remote generation.

What sets Flataway apart? Unlike standard platforms, all properties listed on Flataway are professionally managed, ensuring quality, safety, and a suite of amenities that meet the high standards of today’s mobile professionals. Flataway collaborates with professional short-term rental management companies to not just provide an additional guest acquisition channel, but also to offer specialized software and outsourced services that have been perfected through the company’s extensive experience in the industry. Prior to launching Flataway, the team behind it founded and scaled the largest Bulgarian property management company, operating over 500 apartments across 14 locations in the country.

Flataway’s flagship offering also differs from the one of traditional OTAs. Instead of betting on the classic search and book model, the startup offers Subscription Living bundles and plans. These subscription-based packages are designed to allow guests the freedom to move between different locations while maintaining a consistent and predictable monthly rent. This revolutionary feature is being embraced by a growing user base seeking both flexibility and stability in their living arrangements.

By partnering with Flataway, short-term rental management companies can unlock new revenue streams, gain exposure to the mid-term rentals market and significantly extend the season. In addition, property managers can opt for Flataway’s cutting-edge technology and services for property managers to streamline operations and reduce costs.

Don’t miss out on being part of this disruptive shift in short-term rentals. Join Flataway at the Short Stay Conference in Athens in February and learn how you can take part in redefining what it means to live and work, unrestricted by geographical boundaries.

See more at www.flataway.com