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 Barley Cargo

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Barley Cargo – In the sparkling universe of beer

In one of the most emblematic places of the city centre, at the corner of Kolokotronis and Karitsi, a place with clear references to the past of this neighborhood, when dozens of professionals, tailors, printers, printers, small craftsmen, gave life to the surrounding streets and constituted the heart of the city.

Barley Cargo is a specialized Beer Bar Restaurant with a huge collection of beers (550+ bottle selections and 23 kegs) that is bursting with life. Industrial touches, a huge glass case, a warm atmosphere and people who love sparkling wine, universe of beer, Barrel tables, a big bar and a taste-seeking crowd.

At Barley Cargo, mainly Greek microbreweries from every corner of the world are represented (250+ Greek beers) but also timeless and beloved beers from abroad. The new Craft culture in balance with Classic names, but also enterprising small producers unfolding the unique potential of brewing. Rare labels from the temples of beer, strong representatives from England, Germany, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, fresh, monastic, aging and specially designed cold rooms to ensure quality and the right temperature of the beer. In addition providing BeerTasting menus for to find the beer that suits you with food pairing.

The classic beer tidbits have touches of homemade care and Greek notes. They work supportively even in the complex flavors of a rare beer. The classic beer tidbits have touches of homemade care and Greek notes.They even support the complex flavours of a rare beer without the complexity of the beer without overshadowing it. Barley Cargo has a takeaway and delivery service (take away & delivery) to buy at low prices all the beers you want or have them brought to your home.